Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why do I want to start my own company?

The answer to this question is another simple question, "Do I have a choice?" No. I don't have one. After working for nine years in the corporate world I suddenly realized that I haven't progressed an inch from the day I joined my first job. Well, I do have a fancy designation now, a larger pay package and a strange thing called experience with loads of stress and strain. But as the pay package has gone up so have the number of bills in the mailbox. When I reflect on my career I see myself doing the same thing over and over again, getting up in the morning to go to a job, do a honest day's work and at the end of the month get a paycheck to pay off the bills. The job profile has changed, location has changed and the employer has changed several times but at the end of the day I am doing the same old thing, surviving till the end of the month to get my paycheck.

Even this was going on well and slowly I was getting into the habit of being in the grinder of daily life. Then came the credit crunch and suddenly I realized how vulnerable I am as an employee. I also saw so many people living a life full of fear of loosing their job. People not only lost their job, they also lost their hard earned life savings. So many people might have to go back to work at their old age. Everything was so terrifying and such an eye opener for me. So I had to change. And I had no choice but to take charge of my own life and future.

Well, till now I have only talked about how fear and difficult economic condition forced me to rethink. But fear can only push someone to take immediate action till the situation gets better, there has to be a bigger reason for a change. Yes, I do have a bigger reason to take this step. I studied the life of successful entrepreneurs and saw how they impacted people's lives. They always lived a life full of high energy and abundance. People with entrepreneurial spirit are always the most valuable asset of the society. Also they live a life more satisfied than common people. When I reflected on my life and saw time was passing by swiftly, I decided to jump start my company. I was afraid of being a failure, but I would rather fail and start afresh than be in my death bed and lament "I should have started". Finally, I decided that it is now or never and took the plunge and started my digital marketing and web development company, Tuhina Infomedia Pty. Ltd.